Semalt: WordPress Websites Types You Can Create

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and helps build professional websites and blog. Based on the recent statistics, WordPress is used by more than seventy percent bloggers and webmasters worldwide. Before you build a site, you will need a domain name and hosting. Eventually, all the available tools, themes, and plugins will let you develop a fantastic website, ranging from the personal blogs to the famous online brands.

Oliver King, a leading expert of Semalt, suggests to take a look at the types of websites you can create using WordPress.

1. Blog and Personal Site

WordPress began its journey as the simply blogging platform and evolved into the powerful content management system. In the last few years, hundreds to thousands of personal websites and blogs have been built using WordPress. They are more polished, mature and sophisticated than ever and you can learn a lot from those blogs. Wordpress has plenty of tools and themes to choose from, and you can easily develop a personal blog or site.

2. Business Website

For businessmen and brands, WordPress is the best and most convenient way to develop professional looking sites within minutes. Almost all big brands and companies are already using WordPress to power their sites as it gives them lots of chances to grow their business.

3. eCommerce Websites

Wordpress has become a go-to solution and helped build e-commerce sites. Its awesome plugins and themes make it easy for you to develop sites of your choice. Some of the famous plugins are WooCommerce, WPEcommerce, andEasy Digital Downloads, which help convert your site into the fully functional and comprehensive e-commerce platform. It also helps you accept payments online, manage the inventory, taxes, shipping, and your customers under one roof.

4. Job Board

If you are looking to develop an online job board, you may give a try to WordPress. Some famous websites like Problogger and Smashing Magazine use WordPress to develop nice-looking sites. This content management system lets us create job boards where the employers can easily post the job listings, and the professionals can apply online.

5. Business Directory

Just like the job boards, there is a high demand for business directories, and WordPress has an extensive range of business directory plugins to choose from. You can also create web directories that will not be limited to a single business.

6. Question and Answer Website

If you are looking to create a Stack Exchange, Quora and Yahoo Answers version, WordPress can make your work easier. Combine this content management system's different tools and plugins and get started with the thriving online community.

7. NonProfit and Religious Websites

With WordPress, it's fast and easy to create high-quality nonprofit and religious sites. It has some specific plugins, and you can add the donate forms and money raising forms easily. Also, you can accept donations through PayPal, and all this is because of WordPress.

8. Portfolio Websites

If you need the best place to showcase your portfolio, you should add it to your WordPress site. This is the only content management system that helps you create stunning picture galleries and amazing sliders so that the world gets to know about your creativity and talent.

9. Coupon Websites

If you want to earn the affiliate commissions from hundreds to thousands of sites that offer special discounts on their products and services, you should create your own coupon website and get started. Wordpress lets you add, manage and expire the coupons online. You can also rate and vote your coupons, and all this is done through the WordPress admin panel.

10. Auction Websites

If you are looking for a website like eBay where auctions are held every day, you can use WordPress to create your fully functional auction site. The users can bid, make payments through its secure options and you will earn a lot from an auction site.

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